Since 1997 our exclusive Sell @ 3%TM Sellers Program

HAS SAVED OUR SELLERS OVER $6,000,000 in sales commissions







From the Sellers Perspectives

Tarantino Real Estate, LLC has perfected reducing Sellers fees and maximize the sale of their property.


Enjoy the freedom of selling your own property while listed with Tarantino Real Estate, LLC and benefit with our sales commissions that start at 0%!


Hard to believe, yet true! In 1997, Tarantino Real Estate, LLC created our exclusive SELL @ 3% Real Estate Program while the rest of the real estate industry continues to practice outdated methods and unfriendly traditional concepts. Our goal has always been to change the traditional methods of old real estate practices and replace them with innovative, successful consumer friendly products. We have had the support and confidence of 100’s of Sellers that have shared and benefited in our unique program. You can too!

Prior to our ingenious SELL @ 3% Program, Sellers would be hard pressed to find a real estate company that would negotiate their sales commission at all! With the development of SELL @ 3%, Tarantino Real Estate created a “check and balance” system to an industry that appeared to have “standards” and practices consumers never seemed to have a say in, or choice, based upon what Sellers were willing to pay a real estate broker.




0% You’ll always retain your right to sell your property through out our listing contract to sell your home yourself! First in the industry!

Available to all Sellers! First in the industry! Our complete Consultation Program is just 1% of the purchase price. This “step by step” program walks you through the entire transaction process. This program works well with FSBO’s and “entry only” sellers that need professional consultation in the sale of their property when they find their own Buyers or are not represented in an “entry only” listing.


First in the industry! When Tarantino Real Estate sells your property without the assistance of another real estate company, our fee is just 3%.

4% Another first in the industry! Our low “MLS” fee is 4% and is only charged when another real estate company is involved with the sale of your property.


Our 1%, 3% and 4% Adjustable Rate Programs include;

  • A FREE “Appraisal Quality Market Analysis”,

  • Full exposure on our Tarantino Real Estate website,

  • H3MLS and and many other real estate website links generating multiple colored digital photos and an expanded written descriptions,

  • client fiduciary representation,

  • our “billboard” signage that provides ultimate information to Buyers,

  • coordination of all showings,

  • Multiple Open Houses,

  • Lock box security,

  • Multiple colorful property brochures,

  • A full array of marketing including advertising,

  • Complete, professional negotiations,

  • Preparation of “offers” and “purchase and sale” agreements, including addendums, home-insect-lead paint-radon-Title V and well inspections plus “kick out” contingencies,

  • Coordination of smoke & carbon monoxide compliances, mortgage applications, appraisals and commitments, the final water and sewer readings, fuel adjustments, etc.

  • Our “step by step” process leads to your closing!


ASK about our “incentive” program for repeat sellers and buyers.