Since 1997 our exclusive Sell @ 3%TM Sellers Program

HAS SAVED OUR SELLERS OVER $6,000,000 in sales commissions






From the Sellers Perspectives


FINALLY you can choose a Real Estate Company that sees selling real estate completely from the Seller’s perspective! In 1997, Tarantino Real Estate, LLC developed a fabulous program providing Sellers more leverage, more room to negotiate and keep more of that hard earned money you so deserve!

Tarantino Real Estate, LLC has changed from the traditional methods of selling real estate with a fresh, new approach that adds an enormous advantage for our Sellers—whether you have a single family residence, condominium, multi family, land, investment or new construction, our SELL @ 3% program can help you sell your property much more effectively. "Sure you can pay more, but why?"

The constitution of the United States has always protected property owners with the “Bundle of Rights”. Since 1997, Tarantino Real Estate, LLC has strengthened these “rights” for Sellers by “adjusting” our commission structure and preserve the “right” a Seller has to sell their own property while listed with Tarantino Real Estate, LLC. Our optional 1% Consultation Program is created to give Sellers an opportunity to be guided thru the entire transaction when they, the Seller, find their own Buyer.

Watch our SELL @ 3%™ “Banner” and you’ll see how reducing the commission Sellers pay Tarantino Real Estate, LLC has contributed back millions of dollars to their communities. Tarantino Real Estate, LLC maintains the highest level of agent education and training together with the service you expect, coupled with the highest integrity throughout the listing process and sales transaction. Protecting your biggest investment and minimizing the “cost of doing business” in the sale of your property is our primary goal at Tarantino Real Estate, LLC.

Call Tarantino Real Estate, LLC today and receive all the information regarding our exclusive SELL @ 3%™ Real Estate Sellers Program©. Ask an agent for a FREE “Appraisal Quality Market Analysis”.

“We don’t just sell more real estate, we sell real estate for more!”