Since 1997 our exclusive Sell @ 3%TM Sellers Program

HAS SAVED OUR SELLERS OVER $6,000,000 in sales commissions






Not Just For FSBO's!


Congratulations on attempting to sell your own property. Yet are you aware of some of the difficulties associated with selling on your own?


     a) Thousands of Buyers are not seeing your property and don’t have any way of finding you if you don’t professionally market your home with Tarantino Real Estate, LLC!

     b) Did you know Advertising is often the "least effective" method of marketing . It only covers a certain area, it is sporadically used and often a black & white image (sometimes unrecognizable) with limited written remarks to define your property. You are “missing the boat” if your marketing coverage does not include exposure to thousands of Buyers who look at, receive MLS updates and continuously targeted information all with full Broker involvement.

     c)The average sale price of property is up to 16% less than if sold through a real estate broker! Yes part of these savings pay for a brokerage fee (check out our SELL @ 3% Sellers Program that allows you to sell on your own which may save you even more). The sales commission includes full fiduciary representation, drafting of all documents, excellent negotiating skills, agent accompaniment of specific events, and a “step by step” process leading to a much higher percentage of successful closings.

     d) Potential multiple “offers”.

     e)Our coordination of showings provides you both a more secure aspect (agents accompany showings) and full coverage when you’re at work, away on vacation or unable to answer missed “up” calls that lead to missed opportunities from potential Buyers. Do you know who is knocking at your door?

     f) Prevent legal liabilities! At Tarantino Real Estate our agents are fully trained in all aspects of listing, negotiating and selling your property. Legal documents are “drafted” , professional coordination with attorneys, mortgage companies/banks and Brokers, home inspectors, lead paint inspectors, Title V compliances, fire departments, water and sewer, etc. are all handled by our agents! Minimize your exposure to missed steps, contingencies, disclosures, and cumbersome legal issues.

     g) Pricing your property accurately with the Tarantino Real Estate “Appraisal Quality Market Analysis” will provide you with a professional opinion of value based upon accurate facts and comparisons to “like and similar” properties. Our service is FREE and without obligation. Being REALISTIC in today’s real estate market will provide you a clear picture of anticipated profits and future buying power. We are not an agency that “lists” your property by tantalizing you with over pricing just to list your home. We carefully scrutinize our business relationships with our clients to mutually accomplish their goals and needs.

     h) Aggressive marketing, excellent negotiating skills, thorough market knowledge, continued industry education plus governmental updating of changes in the real estate market, laws and regulations, accurate decision making and professional strategies are all part of our proven experience. Contact a Tarantino Real Estate agent today for even more benefits.

     i) Our goal is to find the Buyer that is “ready, willing and able” to provide our Sellers the “best price, terms and conditions of sale” while a Tarantino Real Estate, LLC agent maintains “care, custody and control” of the entire transaction from "listing" to "sale."

     j) What do you do when a Buyers Agent comes to you with a Buyer and an “offer”? You expected to just sell directly to your own Buyer, yet are you prepared to engage in “business” with a licensed agent? Check out our great “1% Consultation Program”.

    k) GREAT you have SOLD your property, now where are you going? A Tarantino Real Estate, LLC agent can provide many choices of potential properties for your next purchase. Make sure you are fully represented by a qualified Buyers Agent from Tarantino Real Estate, LLC!

FOR SALE BY OWNERS Consider our 1% Consultation Program! Tarantino Real Estate, LLC is First to offer Sellers this remarkable program at just 1% of the purchase price. Included is a “step by step” process, organized and detailed to assist in the complete selling process. Have the experience of a professional real estate agent to assist you and help prevent possible liabilities, incomplete transactions, and possible exposure to law suits. Call Tarantino Real Estate, LLC today.