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Important "Values" Placed Upon Your Property

Try Our Free “Appraisal Quality Market Analysis” of your property for our accurate market price.

This analysis is an “opinion” of value of “real” property created by a licensed real estate agent based on information gathered from the Multiple Listing Service. This analysis includes three properties that have sold within the past six months, similar in style, with adjustments to age, condition, location, etc. Our value is a “fair market value” at the time of the analysis.

The Seller’s Own Value
Each seller often has their own opinion of value typically based upon current “active” listings or from several “opinions” of value from different real estate companies.

The Buyer’s Own Value
Each buyer will have their own value based upon the market price of a property. A qualified buyer needs to be “ready, willing and able” and should provide the sellers with a “pre approval” statement from their financial institution.
The Bank “Appraisal”
Appraisers are licensed individuals hired to “appraise” a property’s value prior to a closing. Their information is compiled from the Multiple Listing Service, private sales and other records. Often hired by the lending bank, it is the appraiser’s responsibility to verify the purchase price of a pending transaction. The appraiser compares the most recent sales of similar properties sold within the last six months. Comparisons are made to the “subject” property based on style, age, condition, location, etc., and monetary adjustments are used to create the appraisal report which is then delivered to the financial institution that is funding your sale.

The Town Assessors’ Value
The Assessors office, in your town, creates a value of each property. This value often uses an “appraisal” system. Assessed values are not “fair market value”! The assessed value is multiplied (per thousand) with the tax rate from which each property owner contributes an amount towards the Town’s budget for that year.

Replacement Value (the cost to build a new property)
The replacement value is the estimated cost to replace a “real” property. The land is a separate value. New construction estimates often project the highest real estate values a property would have. Two major sources of construction costs are from R. S. Means in Massachusetts and Marshall & Swifts of California.

Insurance Value
Insurance value is determining the “replacement” cost to remove and replace damaged or destroyed insured real property. This value does not reflect “market” value.