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HAS SAVED OUR SELLERS OVER $6,000,000 in sales commissions






Price Fixing


“PRICE FIXING”! We have all heard about “let the Buyer beware”. Sellers should also “be aware”! All real estate companies set their own company policies. We are also subject to State and Federal government licensing regulations. Commission structures are never set or standard in the real estate industry. “Price fixing” is illegal and violates Federal “anti trust laws”!


Tarantino Real Estate, LLC offers our “SELL @ 3%” Sellers Program because “fair trade” regulations encourage these practices. If you’re considering listing with an agent that tells you otherwise or suggests real estate companies won’t participate at a lower sales fee, these agents might just be violating “anti trust” laws and could be taking away your “legal right” to negotiate and choose a marketing program that best fits your needs.

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