Since 1997 our exclusive Sell @ 3%TM Sellers Program

HAS SAVED OUR SELLERS OVER $6,000,000 in sales commissions






Our exclusive Sell @ 3%™ Real Estate Sellers Program©

In 1997 Tarantino Real Estate, LLC perfected a new concept that would reduce the sales fees Sellers would pay a real estate broker with our exclusive "SELL @ 3%™ Real Estate Sellers Program©". Our system has provided hundreds of Sellers tremendous savings when they chose Tarantino Real Estate, LLC to “list” and "sell" their property and stopped them from paying excessive sales commissions! Collectively, we have saved our Sellers over $3,300,000 in sales fees that have been returned back to our sellers and their communities.

Just think of how much MONEY you can SAVE with our exclusive SELL @ 3%™ Real Estate Sellers Program©—either with our low 4% Multiple Listing Service fee, our lower “in-office” fee of 3%, our even lower, (original and a first) 1% Professional Consulting Program. We are the first company to openly allow you to sell your own property and find your own Buyer while listed with Tarantino Real Estate, LLC By finding your own Buyer you would pay no commission what so ever!

Our sales commissions start at 0%!

Tarantino Real Estate, LLC will “list” your property in Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and if you find your own Buyer during our listing agreement, you can sell your own property without our services and pay no commission, 0%!
(Sellers can seek their own Buyers and work with them direct!)



Throughout your listing agreement with Tarantino Real Estate, LLC you’ll always have the opportunity to sell your own property and if you need our help, or if you’re a “For Sale By Owner”, you can hire Tarantino Real Estate, LLC as a Professional Real Estate Consultant for a fee of 1% of the purchase price to assist you through the transaction.
(We‘ll walk you “step by step” through your transaction and with your documents)



When Tarantino Real Estate, LLC “lists” your property and “sells” your property, within our office, our fee is 3%.
(We’ll handle both sides of the transaction!)


Tarantino Real Estate, LLC will list your property in MLS and when another real estate Company brings a Buyer that successfully purchases your property our low MLS fee is only 4%.
(Sure you can afford to pay more, but why?) 4%