Since 1997 our exclusive Sell @ 3%TM Sellers Program

HAS SAVED OUR SELLERS OVER $6,000,000 in sales commissions






Get the best of both worlds.

There are very few customers that pay for 1st class ticket to arrive in luxurious comfort, 50 feet sooner, for a great deal more money!

Are thought has been, since 1997, “Why would you pay a high sales fee to a brokerage company that contributes a portion, thereof, in the marketing of their national brand name recognition program, “franchise” fees and “relocation resource” fees that are only added expenses to the sale of your property. Percentage wise, these added fees reduce the net value of your home, higher fees actually lower your profit. Typically these costs can be anywhere from one, two or three too as much as four, five, six percent or more of your purchase price depending upon the amount you pay if you choose a broker charging a higher fee. Tarantino Real Estate allows you to sell your own property and will reduce our fee when we sell your property ourselves (“in-office” sale). Higher fees weaken your negotiable margin and are in the best interest of the Broker, (ask yourself, “How much is my commission?” and, “How much do I need to gross in order to pay a high sales fee?”).

Many customers find economy or charter flights economically thrifty, yet fly with poor exposure and minimum to no “frills”. You wouldn’t choose a real estate company like this to represent you in the sale of your largest investment, would you? Cutting corners, not marketing your property to the fullest extent and not protecting yourself FIRST to be professionally represented could result in disaster! Minimizing marketing, “entry only” listings, FSBO’s, frantic programs and weak promises can lead to misconceptions in the sale of your biggest investment.

Try our SELL @ 3% BUSINESS CLASS! Our exclusive SELL @ 3% Real Estate Sellers Program provides every possibility in the sale of your home at an affordable fee. Truly First Class! Sell your own property without paying a fee, use our ingenious 1% Consultation Program, our SELL @ 3% program and enjoy a competitively low 4% MLS fee (all industry firsts).

Receive the benefits of 1st class with an aggressive low fee structure with all the components of being in business class. You don’t need to compromise!